About Mary


Mary Grisey is a Clairvoyant Tarot Reader and Visual Artist based out of Los Angeles, California. She has been connected to the unseen world ever since she can remember and works closely with her Spirit Guide, Ruth. During her sessions, Mary channels her client's ancestors, Spirit Guides, loved ones and Higher Selves. Her psychic approach is heart-centered, therapeutic and always in the highest good of the client. Her fine art background provides a unique approach to her readings and teachings as they tend to foster creativity, inventiveness and imagination. Her art can be seen HERE.

 Mary has been working with the Tarot for over 15 years and draws from a variety of esoteric systems including clairvoyance, astrology, mediumship, reiki and core shamanism to conduct her readings and teachings. She is Reiki II attuned under Aimee Bello of Altared Space and has trained with Amanda Foulger in her Core Shamanic workshop, The Way of the Shaman. Mary has worked with Refinery 29, Free People, WITMA, SOHO House and has contributed her monthly writings to Of the Wolves Monthly Medicine Column. She has been featured in Voyage LA, LA Magazine and most recently, the San Francisco Chronicle.

 In my readings, I reach into the client’s Higher Self and Soul frequency to tap into their true path. Holding space for a client requires complete selflessness, and to check my projections, bias or ego at the door. I am acting as a vessel to channel exactly what I am seeing that will make sense to the client for their higher good. I listen to their Higher Self, Guides and ancestors. These messages can be in the form of an image, a feeling, a sound, or knowing. What I am shown helps the client gain clarity so they can make the most informed decisions that put them back on their path. I strive for each of my clients to walk away from a reading feeling full, satisfied and excited for the next chapter in their journey.

Her handwoven jewelry & textiles line explores ancient techniques such as weaving, braiding and natural dyeing. She is interested in the energetic presence that jewelry possesses—it can give the wearer freedom, expression and power. Cloth has the ability to tell stories, hold memory and history. Mary’s collection strives to expand on this learned craft, but also blur the boundaries of traditional weaving. Her jewelry is made to order, giving unique and subtle variances to each piece. 

Photos by M Shoemaker and Yoshino

Jewelry model: Tin Santos

Contact me: marygrisey@gmail.com