Clairvoyant Tarot Readings

I offer 30, 60 and 90 minute Clairvoyant Tarot readings in person ONLY ON THURSDAYS (East Los Angeles, California), or Monday-Friday via Zoom and/or phone. I access clairvoyant visions and messages from your spirit guides during my readings in conjunction with the tarot to give you full access of what you need to hear. Please read below if you would like to know more about the way I read.

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"Mixed Bag" (Astrological Clairvoyant Tarot) Readings

This is what I call a "mixed bag" reading. It is my favorite offering! In these sessions I will unpack your natal chart, current transits and also utilize my clairvoyance to translate messages from your spirit guides and loved ones. I will also throw down some tarot cards for further guidance. I offer 60 and 90 minute Astrological Clairvoyant Tarot readings in person ONLY ON THURSDAYS (East Los Angeles, California), or Monday-Friday via Zoom and/or phone. BEFORE your reading, you will need to send me: Your full name, place of birth, date of birth and EXACT time of birth (down to the minute). Your natal chart will be printed out beforehand using your birth information.

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Emailed Readings

Ask 1-3 questions and I will get back to you via an email within 3 days. Please email with your question(s) or leave the question(s) in the comments section during your booking.  I will answer your question(s) using the tarot and by connecting with your guides clairvoyantly. A photo will be taken of the cards I pull for you and will be emailed to you in detail with my message for you along with what your guides have to say.

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Channeled Adornment (Handwoven Jewelry)

I am offering 60 minute channeled adornment sessions where I will give you a "mixed bag" reading (Astrology, Clairvoyance, Tarot), and access what type of style, color and type (necklace, earrings, belt, etc.) of handwoven jewelry that will be created based on the visions I see during the session. All pieces are made from organic fibers and dyes, and are handwoven and naturally hand-dyed. Natural fibers and dyes are medicinal to the body and will be carefully considered for each and every individual’s intentions.

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Channeled Altar Talismans

I am offering 60 minute channeled sessions where I will give you a "mixed bag" reading (Astrology, Clairvoyance, Tarot) to access the unique talisman I will create for you. I feel into what type of sacred material that will be created based on the visions I see during the session. All pieces are handwoven and naturally hand-dyed. Natural dye is medicinal and will be carefully considered for each and every clients individual needs.

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Events, Parties, Gatherings

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If you are looking to deepen your intuitive practice and learn from me one-on-one, I am now offering mentorship packages! Before the sessions, I am offering a complimentary 10-15 minute consultation call to see where you are at on your intuitive journey so we can be on the same page and we are vibing with each other's energies. These mentorship sessions can be in-person ONLY ON THURSDAYS (in East LA), by Zoom or phone. Please click HERE to learn more about the Mentorship Packages.

What to expect in a reading

It's as if you just looked at yourself in the mirror, and you saw a gorilla. The mirror's there; it's showing you, and what you see looks bad. You try to angle the mirror so you will look a little better, but no matter what you do, you still look like a gorilla. That's being nailed by life, the place where you have no choice except to embrace what's happening or push it away. - Pema Chodron, When Things Fall Apart

I always live by the motto: You can’t hold space for others if you can’t hold space for yourself. My journey as a reader has truly helped heal myself. Interesting enough, I feel as though most clients are sent my way to mirror my personal issues, so the advice I give is usually advice I’d give to myself. My spiritual path has taught me to never doubt my inner voice. It took me a while to train myself that the visions, voices, feelings or “knowing” were not my imagination or ego, but were my higher self confirming the truth. Trusting truth takes great courage because our ego gets in the way by telling us that we might be wrong, that there has to be another explanation. The more I practice my gift of seeing, the brighter my path becomes.

What can you expect from my readings?

In my readings, I reach into the client’s higher self to tap in to their true path and focus. Holding space for a client requires complete selflessness, and to check my projections, bias or ego at the door. I am acting as a vessel to channel exactly what I am seeing that will make sense to the client for their higher good. I listen to their guides and what they need to show me. This can be in the form of an image, a sound, or words. What I am shown helps the client gain clarity so they can make the most informed decisions that put them back on their path. I strive for each of my clients to walk away from a reading feeling full, satisfied and excited for the next chapter in their journey.

What type of "clairs" do I work with during my readings? 

I work with all the clairs, although it didn’t begin that way. Since I was a child, claircognizance (to know) was my strongest ability which was actually quite frustrating because there was never any proof to why I just “knew” things. But as things started proving themselves to be true—like knowing the phone was going to ring or knowing the score of a game before the results. By nature I have always been skeptical and never believed anything until proven to be true. Last summer I received my first reiki attunement which was a huge game changer. Since then, my readings have become much more potent and am able to see visions and pictures in my mind’s eye. Sometimes I won't "see" anything in my readings because my guides are busy chatting my ear off and I just relay what I hear to the client. Other times I can smell, taste or feel something in my body that empathically correlates to what the client is going through. 

What can I do to prepare for a reading?

You should be ready to walk into the reading with an open heart and mind. If you have a few questions or a focus for the reading, that is always helpful as clarity is usually best found when you are aware of what you need to change or work on. However, a specific focus is not necessary- only willingness to listen and receive. What is said during the reading is supposed to elevate your soul and bring you to a place of higher vibration. 


Unfortunately I do not offer refunds for any readings. You are welcome to reschedule your reading 24 hours in advance if needed. If I am ill or there is an emergency, I will refund your reading. 


Healing services are a complement to traditional medical/psychiatric treatments, and NOT a replacement. Healing services are meant to address the spiritual causes of suffering and help you achieve wholeness in conjunction with whatever medical treatments your doctor has prescribed. For serious medical conditions or emergencies, please consult your physician.


“When I met Mary I had trusted few readers I went to several times a year, and now that has all changed. Mary has seen me through an entire year now as my primary go-to for navigating an incredibly challenging and, in some pockets, devastating time. Form her laidback and compassionate demeanor to the distinct words she uses, I feel unequivocably seen, understood and supported to move forward. Also, the level of nuanced insights she possesses each time we talk and what she remembers from session to session is incredible and helps us build from one meeting to the next.” –Micha, Co-founder of Of the Wolves/Life Coach, Los Angeles

“Mary’s readings are special beyond measure. My first reading with her marked a significant moment in my life and she will forever be entwined in my soul’s evolution. Her intuition, thoughtfulness and remarkable skills have been a gift to experience. I’m so grateful to know her and cannot recommend her enough.” –Marissa, Perfumer, New York

"I first went to Mary to get some clarity on a raw emotional state I was experiencing...and I've been going back ever since. Mary is someone who makes you feel so close to the source and really listens carefully to what you're feeling and what you need from a specific reading. I would never go to anyone else for my tarot needs and I'm excited to continue developing a rapport with Mary. She's definitely 'tuned in' to something beyond words...Highly recommended!" - Hayley, Filmmaker, Los Angeles/New York

"I met Mary about mid-2016 after seeing her beautiful weavings on Instagram then quickly learned she also read tarot. I felt very fortunate to experience both her gifts. She is an incredibly kind, talented and intuitive person. My experience was wonderful and what she had to tell me was impactful. Since that time I have had a few more readings from her. They have all opened me up to understanding where I need to go in my life and also helpful in creating patience day to day. I look forward to a long and continued resourceful relationship with her." - Debby, Designer/Textile Artist, Los Angeles