Online Workshops

If you are looking to deepen your intuitive practice and learn from me in an intimate group setting, I am now offering online workshops! These online workshops will be offered via Zoom. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions:

The Woven Tarot Intensive (SOLD OUT)

***The Woven Tarot Intensive will be held again after the New Year 2019. Stay tuned.

In this intensive, I will guide you in developing a deeper understanding of the tarot. Whether you would like to read tarot for personal use or for others, this class will help demystify the meaning behind the cards, and what they mean to you. We will focus on everything from setting yourself up for a successful reading, rituals for protection and grounding, understanding the major and minor arcana in relation to our evolving world we live in, tapping into your unique psychic abilities through divination, and more. You will walk out of this course with a deeper connection to your higher self, your spirit guides and the universe around us through the rich symbolism of the cards. 
 The Woven Tarot Intensive Outline
Day 1: Introduction to the Tarot
-Clearing, Grounding and Ritual
-The Major Arcana
We will dive into a brief history and mythology of the tarot, learn various techniques of clearing/grounding/ritual, and then journey through the twenty-two Major Arcana cards from the Fool to the World.
Day 2: The Minor Arcana: Swords & Wands
We will go over the two energetic suits - the Swords and Wands from the Minor Arcana. The day-to-day cards. The “micro” events that are more mundane. The human condition. The drama of everyday life.

Day 3: The Minor Arcana: Cups & Pentacles
We will go over the two sensory suits - the Pentacles and Cups from the Minor Arcana. The day-to-day cards. The “micro” events that are more mundane. The human condition. The drama of everyday life.

Day 4:The Court Cards
*We will go over the 16 court cards in depth. The court cards are representative of a part of your personality that is being expressed or seeking to be expressed.

Day 5:Tapping into Spirit & Giving Readings
 *We will learn how to tap into Spirit through the tarot and how to give a successful, clear reading. In our final day, we will be putting our learned skills to use and give brief readings for others in the group.
Who is this certification for? Beginners and/or intermediate tarot practitioners desiring to take their practice to the next level whether it be for their own intuitive practice or a professional business.
Come prepared with: A tarot deck you would like to work with

Dates: October 1, 8, 15, 22, November 5 from 6-8pm PST

Cost: $250 USD (*payment plans available)

Limited to 8 students

*If you miss a date or know you are unavailable on a certain date, a recording of our live session will be emailed to you.